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Lisa Booth

Lisa Booth Principal lisa_booth@hcpss.org
I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you from our Hollifield Station staff. You will find we have over 100 talented, hard working, and caring adults that will work effectively with your child and with your family. This is my seventh year as principal of Hollifield Station and I previously served as the principal of Running Brook Elementary School for five years. Before moving into school administration, I was a teacher of music for sixteen years. A successful school provides the support for students to grow and excel as learners and develops students to be full participants in our society. Hollifield Station provides a warm, nurturing environment of academic excellence. Our teachers take pride in knowing each one of their students as learners, as well as developing an understanding of each as an individual child. You will find Hollifield Station to be a school where each child is known by name and where parents are embraced as partners in the learning process. As principal, I maintain an open door policy. Please fee free to come in to the office, call, or email (lisa_booth@hcpss.org) with any questions, comments, or concerns you would like to share. I look forward to working with you and your children!

Cheryl V. Santoni

Cheryl V. Santoni Assistant Principal Cheryl_Santoni@hcpss.org

School Overview

Our vision is to instill a nurturing learning environment which encourages respectful relationships and collaboration between all members within our learning community.

Our mission is to promote academic excellence through interdisciplinary, project based learning while fostering respect for diversity, responsibility for each other and our environment, and readiness to meet the needs of our changing world.

Mascot: The Steam Engine

School Colors: Green and Blue

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School History

Hollifield Station Elementary is located next to the Patapsco River. The school was named for a large piece of land that was once owned by the Hollifield family. When the family lived on the land over 100 years ago, they maintained a private and small rail station on the B&O Railroad line that still runs along the Patapsco River through Ellicott City. That small station and any remnants were washed away in 1972 during Tropical Storm Agnes, a devastating flood that damaged or destroyed much of Ellicott City along the Patapsco River. The name Hollifield Station is related to that small train station.

The original home and train station were destroyed in a flood in the mid 1800's. The home was rebuilt in 1869 and this old Hollifield family house can still be seen on a hill above the river and the B&O Railroad tracks. There was also a Hollifield Road named after the same Hollifield Station. This road is now called Ritter Road on maps, but still has the Hollifield Road sign.  Very often on maps, the name Hollifield is misspelled as Hollofield. This is a mistake that has been passed down through the years; however, the correct spelling is H-o-l-l-i-f-i-e-l-d, after the family. An original member of the Hollifield family was present at the official opening of the school in August 1997.

Board of Education Representative

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HSES BOE Representative: Ananta Hejeebu